I've always been passionate about my own education. An unexpected side effect of coming to grad school was finding a love for educating a mentoring others. I've had the privileged to TA for multiple hands on engineering classes, Bioinstrumentation Laboratory for one year, and Bioengineering Senior Design for two years. Senior Design was especially rewarding as I was able to share both my research and industry experience, as the course was taught using a medical device design controls framework. I also have also mentored multiple students as undergraduate researchers in our lab and participated in a formal mentorship development program.

Open Source Science

Whenever possible, I try to utilize open source scientific platforms to be part of the thriving communities that enable innovative research and the sharing of knowledge. I extensively utilize ImageJ, R, MATLAB, and FEBio to analyze, visualize, and model my data, and I have published scripts online and in open source journals.

Community Maker Space

After moving to Birmingham, I quickly found a community of people dedicated to all things making, creating, building and inventing at the Red Mountain Makers Makerspace. I have now joined the board and am looking forward to many successful projects and finding more ways for the Makerspace to be a invaluable community resource.

Serving my COmmunity

Champaign Urbana has been a wonderful community to learn and grow in, and I do my best to give back to it. I've worked with the University Y in various capacities including serving as chair of the the Fred S.Bailey Scholarship steering committee, which annually awards over $200,000 in scholarships to promote cause driven leaders in the areas of social justice, environmental protection, interfaith cooperation, and global engagement.